The Nitty Gritty

Why provide a property website and/or brochure? Isn’t MLS enough?

MLS is clearly valuable, and having a stand-alone property site and brochure is not a replacement for MLS. It serves a different purpose. Having both gets you maximum exposure.

          1. A stand-alone site and/or brochure sets your listing apart from others – in MLS, they all look the same. MLS supplies facts – there is no careful design, no special call outs. That’s where we come in.
          2. You and your clients can share the property site with people you know and through social media. There is a lot of mediocre listing marketing out there. This is anything but – it will catch peoples’ attention, and they’ll want to take a look. Watch the hits rack up!
          3. A carefully-presented listing implies that the home is worth the time spent making a memorable first impression. Your sellers will appreciate this (think referrals) and potential buyers will pay it more notice (think SOLD!). We’ll help you look professional and save you time doing it.

How does this work, anyway?

              1. You decide that your client’s property would benefit from a stand-alone property website and/or brochure from Big Yard Design Lab. Awesome!
              2. Chose the website layout and/or brochure you’d like us to use. If you’d rather we decide the web design based on the style of home, photos, etc. – no problem. Just select the Surprise Me! product on the Shop page.
              3. Select a service: a website, a brochure, or the best deal of all: a property website + brochure, where you can save $50 on your order!
              4. Place your order and send us your materials (property information, photos, etc.). You can upload them to our server or just email them to us.
              5. Sit back and relax! We’ll deliver everything to you electronically, almost always within 2 business days of receiving all the necessary materials. If you’ve ordered a property website, we’ll send you the web address to the live website (e.g. If you’ve ordered a brochure, we’ll send you PDF versions of the brochure suitable for both print and email/online viewing.

Services & Pricing

              • Property Website: $300
                This is a stand-alone 5- or 6-page website (depending upon the layout chosen) dedicated to showcasing your property listing. We’ll even buy the domain for you.
              • Additional Website Pages: $50
                Want to add a video or a letter from the sellers? No problem – we can add as many additional pages as you’d like.
              • Full Color Brochures:  Starting at $100
                These are professionally designed, full color brochures with photos and a description of the property and its features. Brochure options: single-sided, 8.5 x 11 inches vertical orientation, 4-sided 8.5 x 11 inches folded and vertical orientation, or a 9 x 6 inches bound and horizontal orientation.
              • Order a Property Website + any Brochure combo = $50 off at checkout
                Our most popular service! By ordering a website/brochure combo package, you get a comprehensive marketing package designed to impress sellers and attract buyers.

And how great is this?

              • No minimum orders, contracts or commitments – just order what you need when you need it. Easy, huh?
              • Order 9 sites, brochures, or combos, and get the 10th free.
              • Refer a new customer our way and we’ll thank you with a free website/brochure package.


Website FAQ

What is stand-alone property website? Does this replace MLS?

A stand-alone property website is just that – it stands alone, purely to showcase a property listing. A stand-alone property website through BYDL doesn’t replace MLS – the property should still be listed through MLS. But many brokers prefer to showcase their listings individually on property-specific websites (e.g. in addition to listing on MLS.

What’s the advantage to a stand-alone property website?

A stand-alone property website enhances the marketing and prominence of a property. Instead of referring other agents and potential buyers to a company website with multiple other properties – often with small photos and short property descriptions – a stand-alone property website through BYDL dedicates an entire website to your property listing. The web address is often the exact address of the property. For example, a home for sale at 2302 Aspen Lane would likely be hosted at

What pages are included in a property website?

A typical property website includes the following five – six (5-6) pages, depending on the layout you choose:

              • home: large, attractive photo(s) of the property with short introductory text

              • about: more detailed description with details about the property (depending on the layout, this information may be on the home page vs. on a separate about page)

              • photos: a photo gallery or photo slider

              • floor plan: an image of the floor plan

              • map: a live Google map inset into the page showing the property’s location

              • contact: a contact form that allows visitors to send an email to the listing agent

We can also add a menu item that will take viewers to your company or personal web site in a new window. If you would like this feature, you will need to note that and send us the link to the site.

What if I can’t, or don’t want to, decide on a specific layout? Will you do it for me?

Sure! We’re happy to select a layout that best fits the aesthetic of your listing. In fact, most agents just send us their files and leave the rest to us. We’re here to make your life easy.

Can I request additional pages in the property website?

Sure. Agents often like to add extra pages to the standard site – a video, a page about the neighborhood, a documents page, a page highlighting home features, or even with a letter from the sellers. Additional pages are $50/each.

I have several documents that I’d like to make available on the property website (e.g. Seller Disclosure, etc.) Is this possible?

Definitely! We can make multiple documents available on just one additional page. Check out the Documents page on the demo sites to get an idea of how it looks and works. We’ll convert anything you send us to PDF (if it’s not already) and make them available for download by viewers.

I don’t have a floor plan, but would like to host several documents on the website. Can I substitute pages?

Substitutions are considered on a case-by-case basis. We try to accommodate substitutions, but sometimes there’s a lot of added time required to create a page that isn’t a part of our routine layout. Just send us an email with the substitution you have in mind.

Does the domain name (i.e. the web address) cost extra?

Nope! The domain registration (that is, purchasing and hosting the website are included in the price. We’ll take care of all that technical mumbo jumbo.

How long will Big Yard Design Lab host my property website?

One (1) year of web hosting is included. (Contact us if you’d like us to continue hosting your property website for more than 1 year.) Hopefully you’ll never need hosting beyond a year because your properties are going to sell like hot cakes.

What if I already own the domain name?

No problem. It’s usually easiest to just transfer the domain to Big Yard Design Lab for the period of website hosting. We will, if requested, transfer the domain back to you when the hosting time period has concluded.

Do you charge for small updates to the property website, like price changes, etc?

No – small updates to the property website are included (price changes, “Under Contract” or “Sold” riders, amenities updates, etc.). Anything more than small updates, like adding or exchanging photos, reworking the property descriptions, adding new pages, etc. are not included. It is most cost effective to get everything to us at one time, when it’s all ready to go.

What if I need more than small updates made to the property website?

Contact us for a quote. It usually doesn’t cost much, and we’ll do our best to have the edits made within 2 business days (often sooner).

Can property websites be viewed on mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and Android devices?

Yes, all websites are responsive, which means that they automatically sense the IOS or android device they’re being viewed on and display appropriately for the screen size.

What if I want the photos in a specific order?

No problem – just number the photo files according to the order you’d like them displayed (e.g. 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg, etc.). Don’t worry if you don’t have time to do this – we’re pretty used to going through a folder of photos and figuring out the order that best showcases the property. If your property has been listed, we will reference the order in which you placed the photos on MLS as a guide. If there are photos you don’t like and don’t want us to use, either leave them out of the batch you send us or let us know which file #s to exclude.

Are photos of the property included in the price?

Nope; the price does not include photography services.

Who took the photos for the Big Yard Design Lab demo sites and flyers?

Glad you asked! Jed Gammon Photography provided many of the images you see on our site. He also does amazing videos. If you happen to work in the Triangle area of North Carolina, we highly recommend him. He’s the real deal. If you don’t, but you have a big listing, Jed travels!

I have a virtual tour video that I would like included in the property website. Is this possible?

Sure! This will count as an additional page (because we’ll have to do some extra programming to incorporate the video), but we’re happy to make it work.

Brochure FAQ

I love the brochures! Can you print them for me?

All of our deliverables are digital; we provide you with a print-resolution brochure in PDF format that you can print yourself (or send to a printer)  as well as a web-resolution brochure that you can attach to emails. Digital deliverables allow us to get your marketing materials to you ASAP. We can, however, arrange to have your brochures printed and delivered to your door. Contact us for details.

I want to put the brochure online and attach it to emails that I send to other agents about my listing. I would also like to print it. Can I do both?

Definitely. You will receive two versions of the brochure – one larger, high-resolution file for print and one that is optimized for web/email use.

I notice that the brochures don’t have all of the MLS information on them. Why is this?

Two words: aesthetics and readability. We design the brochures to catch buyers’ attention and attract them to a property listing. The brochure is purposefully very different in content and format from the standard MLS listing printout. A lot of agents tell us that they print the full color brochure on one side and then photocopy (or print) the MLS printout on the reverse side. We’re happy to add your MLS sheet to the back of your brochure if you’d like.

Do you design property booklets?

Sure! We currently offer 4-page (5.5 x 8.5 inches) and 8-page (9 x 6 inches) brochures in addition to our 1-page brochure (8.5 x 11). If you have a property that you feel would benefit from something different, we’d be happy to help. Email us with your ideas.

Orders & Payments

What is the turn around time on property websites and brochures?

From the time we have all of the necessary property materials, it usually takes 2 business days or less to create the site and have it live. Sometimes even on the same day…like when Ashley drinks a Venti triple shot latte.

What items do I need to send to BYDL in order to make a property website and/or brochure?

Visit our Send Us Your Files page, and we’ll walk you through what we need and how you can get it to us.

How do I get the files to you?

After placing your order, you’ll be prompted to send files to the Big Yard Design Lab server. Some customers have DropBox accounts and prefer to just create a folder and share it with You can also email the files if they are not too large for gmail to handle. Whatever is easiest for you! More information can be found on our Send Us Your Files page

Is there a specific file format that I need to use when uploading files?

Great question! Only .zip folders can be sent to the Big Yard Design Lab server. This is to ensure that all property files are kept together and to increase the speed of file upload. More information can be found on our Send Us Your Files page.

What kind of image files (photos, floorplans, etc.) should I get?

We prefer to work with high resolution (300 dpi) files. When it doubt, get the big files! We’ll take care of resizing things. It’s always easier to make something smaller than to try the reverse. (If you can’t send photo files in a JPG format, contact us and we’ll figure something out.)

Why can’t I select a quantity when ordering a property website and/or brochure?

To avoid any confusion, we prefer that each property website and/or brochure has its own order. Even when you’re ordering websites and/or brochures for a few property listings at once, we’ve found it’s just easier to have 2 separate orders to avoid any possibility of mixing up property details and photos.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

You bet! Buy nine (9) property websites, brochures, or combos and the 10th one is on us.

Do you offer referral incentives?

Gee, thanks! We love it when happy customers refer new brokers our way. For each new customer who orders a website + brochure on your referral, we’ll provide you with one (1) free website + brochure in return. (New customers must provide the referring agent’s name at the time of order placement.)

What form of payment do you accept?

At this time we only take credit and debit cards.

Do you store personal or financial information?

              • Personal information: it’s up to you. Some agents create an account on BYDL to make checkout a quicker process each time. We never sell or rent your personal information.

              • Financial information: we never store this data.

What is your privacy policy?

It’s a pretty simple policy: we don’t sell, rent, lend or otherwise disclose any of your personal information to anybody unless required by law. No exceptions!

Refunds & Terms of Use

What is your refund policy?

Also simple: if you’re not happy with your property site within 48 hours of going live, we’ll happily provide a 100% refund. We’ll even eat the domain registration costs. That’s how confident we are that you’ll love Big Yard’s turnkey marketing services.

What are Big Yard Design Lab’s terms of use?

We make every effort in good faith to represent real estate listings as accurately as possible based on the information presented to us. Big Yard Design Lab makes no guarantees, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of data presented.