Send Your Files

Once you’ve placed an order, there’s only one more thing we need before we can start creating top-shelf real estate marketing materials for your listing: your files! Prepare and send us the files we’ll need (listed below) and we’ll get started.

Options for Sending Property Files

There are 3 ways to send files to us:

    1. Use our Upload Page
      Use our upload page to send us a .zip folder with all of your files enclosed. (Not sure how to create a .zip folder? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Click here for a quick tutorial.)


    1. Share a Dropbox Folder
      Place all of your files in a Dropbox folder and share the folder with us at (Click here for help sharing a dropbox folder.) Since so many agents use Dropbox these days, this seems to be one of the more popular ways that agents send us files.


    1. Email Us Your Files
      Email your files to us as an attachment ( Note: Gmail has a 25 MB attachment limit, and depending on your internet connection, sending a big attachment could take a while! But if Options #1 and #2 won’t work for you, give email a shot.


Basic Property Files

The following are required to create a property website:

  1. Property Info
    You will have the chance to add your MLS link at checkout. If your MLS listing is active, this link will give us all the basic info we need. If there is no active MLS link, it’s best to include a text document in your .zip folder with price, number of bedrooms and baths, square footage, your property description, and any other information you’d like us to present on the property website and/or flyer (such as neighborhood, an outstanding feature you’d like to highlight, historic home name, etc.).
  2. Photos
    We recommend commissioning professional photos by a photographer experienced with high-quality real estate photography. We can work with whatever images you have, but the better they are, the better your property website and/or flyer will look. Flyers require high resolution images (300 dpi strongly preferred) in order to print clearly.

Optional Property Files

The following files/information are optional:

    1. Property Description
      We can expand upon your MLS comments to create a property description, or you can provide a description exactly as you would like it to appear on the site. (You can provide this description at the time of checkout or upload it with photos, etc. in a separate text file). We don’t charge for creating your property description based on MLS content, but if you or your clients are meticulous and already know how you would like things to read, it’s probably best to provide your own description.


    1. Floorplan
      The higher quality, the better. We can work with PDFs or image files. Send us what you have, and we’ll contact you if we need something different.


    1. Any Additional Info
      Additional information – extra page content for upgrades, features, neighborhood, etc. can be sent in text documents. Send us a video or link to your company or personal website via Dropbox or email. If you would like a documents page where viewers can download documents such as disclosures, just include these documents in your .zip folder.


We know quick turn around is key in the real estate business, and we’re ready to start working on your website or brochure! Please let us know if you have any questions or issues sending files to us.